Pfeil trekmes met verkropte grepen (recht model) – 700967

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Voor het gladmaken en afronden van het hout, zeer geschikt voor gebogen hout.
Grote, kersenhout grepen.
Geleverd met leerenhoes van zachte geitenhuid.
Meer over Pfeil
The Swiss Pfeil company is the leading European maker of carving tools.
Every blade they manufacture is drop-forged from a very tough, hard steel alloy made exclusively for Pfeil.
The blades are subsequently heat-treated in an electric furnace and then ground and polished by hand.
The blades are uniformly hardened over their entire length to 59 – 61 RC and securely mounted to oiled ash handles using an interior ferrule, making them virtually unbreakable.
Pfeil’s use of native hardwoods, solvent-free oils and low impact production techniques combined with the long life of their carving tools make Pfeil avery environmentally friendly choice.
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Vorm recht
Bladlengte 250 mm
Bladdikte 33 mm
Totale lengte 430 mm