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Papaver beschermolie – 705272

Bescherm en voedt uw houtengereedschappen, meubels, instrumenten etc..

Food safe oil extracted from the seeds of the white poppy flower (Papaver somniferum) is ideal for fine craftwork objects, turned parts, toys, kitchen furniture and kitchen utensils. Because of its good grip it is suitable for knife and tool handles and, along with pigments, for making valuable paint oils and artists’ colours. The high transparency of poppy-seed oil makes it the perfect base for violin varnishes and clear protective wood finishes. It provides excellent protection against moisture and dirt, does not yellow, and penetrates deeply into the wood. Poppyseed oil dries much slower than linseed oil. Multiple coats of poppy-seed oil yield a warm, silky gloss and a surface which is pleasant to the touch. Poppy-seed oil can be mixed with other vegetable oils and solvents.

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Inhoud: 1000 ml

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