Herdim reparatie klem 25×10 mm – 735719

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Licht gewicht klem met silicone-pad ter bescherming van uw werkstuk.
Perfekt voor het lijmen of repareren van muziek instrumenten of diepe objecten.
Silicone pads leverbaar.
Made in Germany
Lightweight, precision clamps for repairing musical instruments and other fine handcrafted objects. Forged-steel frame with galvanised surfaces. Fast-action brass screw with ball-jointed swivel rubber coated pad and removable knurled knob. To protect varnished surfaces, special silicone pads are available as accessories.
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Klem diepte 25 mm
Klem opening 10 mm
Gewicht 11 gram
Diameter silicone beschermpad: 12 mm