Hattori rasp halfrond (tweezijdig) 25×4,5 mm (kap 5) – 704675

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Hattori® rasp
Vorm: halfrond (taps toelopend)
Breed model
Tweezijdig gekapt
Materiaal: C45 carbon steel
Gebogen zetting van de tanden, universeel gebruik (hout, kunststof en vinyl).
Hattori® Rasps
Our portfolio of Hattori® rasps, which are cut in small batches by hand, is unique throughout Europe.
Due to their special shape, they can be used universally and offer good value for money.
The arched arrangement of the teeth makes these rasps incredibly effective and provides smooth results. Blades made of C45 carbon-steel.
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Bladbreedte: 25 mm
Bladdikte: 4,5 mm
Raspsnijlengte: 200 mm
Kap: 5 (medium-grof)