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Winkelhaak Japans flexibel 510 x 250 mm – 717130

These light and easy-to-read stainless-steel squares are used not only as spokeshaves and scales.
The squares can additionally serve as angles of inclination and try squares.
The blades are exactly 15 mm wide, the standard measurement in Japan for tenons and board thicknesses.
The front of the square has the usual deep-etched metric markings (mm).
The back of the square has two special calibrations: one gives the circumference of a measured diameter (x 3.14) and the other the length of one side of a square inscribed by that circumference (x 0.7).
The bevelled edges and slight hollow grind prevent ink markings from being smudged.

 37,67 excl. 21% btw

SKU: DI717130 Categorie


Afmeting: 5100 x 250 mm,
Dikte 1.2 mm

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