Chinese gutsen set 6 delig – 700973

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Double-layer forged gouges with socket tangs.
Chinese hardwood handles. Mixture of forms (flat, curved, V), in cotton tool roll.

Traditional Chinese carving tools
These exceptional carving tools emanate from two forges on the southern Chinese city of Dongyang, a centre of the sculpting craft. With the small chisels, the durable blades are sharply tapered into a pointed tang. The larger chisels have a socket-shaped throat which holds the handle and prevents splitting. The small chisels are made of carbon-steel (C 60, approx. 58 HRC). The socket chisels are of forged double-layered steel (above 60 HRC). In line with Chinese tradition, the chisels are only roughly ground by the blacksmith. It is the user who makes the chisels ready-for-use by fine grinding to the required sharpness and mounting the handles.


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Breedte 6 – 18 mm,
Totale lengte 180 – 210 mm.