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Beeldhouwer gutsen set – 700971

Tools for all-purpose carving. The blades have socket tangs. Mixture of forms (flat, flat/skew, curved, V).  Coarse ground, no handles.

Traditional Chinese carving tools
These exceptional carving tools emanate from two forges on the southern Chinese city of Dongyang, a centre of the sculpting craft. With the small chisels, the durable blades are sharply tapered into a pointed tang. The larger chisels have a socket-shaped throat which holds the handle and prevents splitting. The small chisels are made of carbon-steel (C 60, approx. 58 HRC). The socket chisels are of forged double-layered steel (above 60 HRC). In line with Chinese tradition, the chisels are only roughly ground by the blacksmith. It is the user who makes the chisels ready-for-use by fine grinding to the required sharpness and mounting the handles.

 95,80 excl. 21% btw

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18 delige set

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