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Slijpsteen King (korrel 240) – 711000

Korrel 240 / extra grof slijpen
Aluminium oxide abrasive.
Zachte binding wetsteen, open structuur voor continu blootstelling van de slijpkorrels.
Zeer geschikt voor harde soorten Carbon Steel gereedschap.
In water leggen 15 minuten voor gebruik. 
King® / Sun Tiger®
Matsunaga is one of the largest manufacturers of sharpening stones in Japan. In the West, these stones are usually known as King stones or Sun Tiger stones. The stones of the King or Sun Tiger series have a relatively soft bond, which allows the abrasives to be continually exposed during use, making the stone highly effective. These stones are particularly suitable for extremely hard, low-alloy carbon steels (White and Blue Paper Steel). Extremely hard steels soon blunt the abrasive grains, but the soft bond allows the blunted grains to be quickly washed off, so the stone continues to be effective. Before use, soak the stones in water for at least 15 minutes. They can also be stored in water permanently.

 41,18 excl. 21% btw

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Afmetingen: 205x75x50 mm


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