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Belgische combinatie wetsteen 6000-8000 – 705557

Belgische combinatie wetsteen
Hoog kwaliteit natuurlijk product
Om fijne metalen bramen weg te halen / fijn polijst resultaten te bereiken.
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Belgian Coticule Whetstones
The quarrying of Belgian whetstones in the Ardennes is first mentioned in a Roman document. But the story of these natural honing stones goes further back than that. The approx. 480 million-year-old grey yellow sedimentary stones, originating from volcanic ash, are composed of very fine garnet crystals. During honing these are released and in combination with the water and abrasion debris make a honing paste. The garnets only remove fine shavings from the metal and ensure a good polish. Unique combination of speed and grain size.
Interesting fact: To produce 1 kg of sharpening stones approx. 1500 kg of cliff must be removed. The thin yellow slices are glued to a slate base and cut to size.
Quality of Natural Stones
For many years, the Belgian coticule and Arkansas stones have been synonymous with high-quality whetstones. But these stones are natural products. Due to limited resources, the quality of these stones may increasingly vary. Japanese waterstones with fine grain structures are recommended as an alternative.

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Afmetingen: 75 x 30x 20 mm
Korrel 6000-8000


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