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Pfeil V guts 35° 6 mm (snede 16) – 700879

  • Overall length 250 mm
  • Blade length 120 mm
  • Sweep 16 V 35°
  • Blade width 6 mm

 33,61 excl. 21% btw

SKU: DI700879 Categorie


V-parting tools are popularly used in relief carving to delimit areas. Another important use is the cutting of even grooves.
Pfeil Carving Tools
With over 700 forms and sweeps, Pfeil offers the largest and most variable product range. The products of the world’s leading manufacture of fine carving tools are made from specially alloyed, hard tool steel, forged and ground on precision machines, heat-treated in an electric furnace. The blades are uniformly hardened to 59-61 HRC along their entire length, the break-proof oiled ash handles are mounted with inner ferrules. Only indigenous woods and solvent-free oils are used.



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