Kunz spookschaaf (rechte ronde zool) – 703129

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Kunz spookschaaf rechte ronde zool
Kunz nr. 51 AR Spokeshave
For fine shavings when working on flat and long curved surfaces.
The blade depth can be precisely adjusted.  Radius of round version 35 mm.
Kunz planes
Kunz is known for its solid planes of wear-resistant grey cast iron with fine-ground soles and good value for money.The standard tool-steel blades are hardened to approx. 62 HRC. For planing extremely hard woods, durable HSS blades (approx. 65 HRC) are available as accessories.Their epoxy-coated green surfaces make the Kunz planes, made in Germany, unique.



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Schaafbreedte 52 mm
Bladdikte 2 mm
Radius 35 mm
Lengte 250 mm
Gewicht 320 g
Reserve schaafblad leverbaar 703139