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Kunz blokschaaf nr. 102 – 703140

Kunz blokschaaf nr. 102
Handy plane for craft carpentry making musical instruments.
Pitch of the iron 25°.
Bevel angle 25°.
Results in a cutting angle of 50° which is suited best for hard woods.
Kunz planes
Kunz is known for its solid planes of wear-resistant grey cast iron with fine-ground soles and good value for money.
The standard tool-steel blades are hardened to approx. 62 HRC.
For planing extremely hard woods, durable HSS blades (approx. 65 HRC) are available as accessories.
Their epoxy-coated green surfaces make the Kunz planes, made in Germany, unique.


 34,37 excl. 21% btw

SKU: DI703140 Categorie


Bladbreedte 33 mm
Bladdikte 2,5 mm
Lengte 130 mm
Gewicht 310 g.

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