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Hattori HSS houtdraaibeitels Maxi 6 delig – 701850

Maxi set, 6 delig
The basic assortiment of tools for spindle and faceplate turning.
This turning tool set proves that quality does not have to come at a high price.
Fitted with heavy-duty blades hardened to 63 RC and ergonomically formed hardwood handles, it meets the expectations of even the most discriminating woodworkers. The manufacturer’s attention to detail is exemplified by the finely polished blade surfaces, the rounded edges, and the well-proportioned brass hoops. The forms and bevel geometry are based on the Western standard. Each set is suppliedin a finely dovetailed wooden case. The listed specifications are approximate.


 226,05 excl. 21% btw

SKU: DI701850 Categorie


Totale lengte  470 mm,
Handvat lengte 300 mm.
In houten kist.
Roughing-out gouge, 19 mm
spindle gouges, 10 & 13 mm
oval chisel, 25 mm
round nose scraper, 19 mm
diamond parting tool, 5 mm

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