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Bessey Erdi DBKPH-Set inklapbare snijmes met tas – 710539

An ergonomic folding knife for almost any purpose with high-quality folding mechanism and locking spring with zero backlash. The special blades, such as hook blades for packaging and carpets, utility blades for precise cut-outs and special linoleum blades, are easy to swap thanks to a quick-release lever. The handle also has a compartment for 5 trapezoid replacement blades and a solid metal belt clip. If necessary, the pressure applied can be increased via the rubberised thumb press. Comes in a practical nylon case with zip.

 26,70 excl. 21% btw

SKU: DI710539 Categorie


10 x trapezoid blades,

5 x hook blades,

2 x linoleum blades,

2 x utility blades for cut-outs


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