Fisch houtboor diam. 4 mm – 707080

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Fisch houtboor met centreerpunt

The HSS professional version with excellent service life, unmatched concentricity, and the option of vertical drilling, once in.

  • Made of special HSS with excellent wear- and heat-resistance and service life (higher chromium percentage)
  • Unmatched concentricity, thanks to manufacture in one clamping setup
  • Ideal for use in hardwood, glued wood, acrylic or laminated boards
  • Cut from one piece for maximum stability
  • Double bevel on the back allows you to drill vertically once in, to make slots, milled recesses for cables and edge holes
  • The precision-ground spurs and the centring tip ensure pinpoint positioning and clean edges
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Ø 4 mm
Totale lengte 70 mm
Met centreer punt